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Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Middle Class Is The New Rich

I support the free market and the ability of people to make as much of a profit as they want by providing a service or good but sometimes I have to wonder about the consumers.

Yesterday I had to pick up a few things so I ran to a local Kmart and stood and waited in line to have my items rang out. Lucky for me I got to witness by far the biggest materialist I have ever seen in my life. This woman could possibly be the reason why some items have limits on purchase quantities. She had a white blouse as well as about 9 or 10 other pieces of clothing, which by the looks of her jewelry, she clearly didn't need, in her cart and the cashier was trying to explain to this woman that their was not a sale on this particular piece of clothing.

Now even if I was having a great day, I would have dropped the situation and went on with my life. Believe me I can live without buying crap I don't need, but then again, I'm a rational thinker and a person that doesn't need crap to feel good about himself. This woman apparently didn't share my traits.

I watched this grown 40 something year old woman get mad, turn red, stomp her foot on the ground like an 8 year old, literally throw her hands up and down and scream at this poor girl behind the cash register because she seen the ad that said that this particular blouse was a few dollars off. At this point I had to start laughing because this girl behind the cash register was at the point of just blowing this woman off.

But wait it gets better.

The 40 year old proceeds to start yelling at us in line for not backing her up and uses the famous line:

"Don't you know who I am?"

Clearly I still don't nor do I care but it got me to thinking about many in this country who live their lives like this never having to appreciate the work put behind earning the money to pay for something.

Obviously this woman was at least one if not all of three things. She either had no brain, too much money, or didn't work. If there is one downside to capitalism it's a little inevitable side-effect called Materialism. It seems to me that when people have little room in their hearts for family, friends, or God, they measure their own worth and the worth of others by the size of their wallet, their name recognition, and the sizes of their estate. But do these people really spend their own money? Do you think that the majority of the people that fit into this category actually understand the concept of hard work.

If you do I've got a bridge to sell you.

Many people in this country live off of the bounties provided by others and believe it or not they aren't usually Republicans. Sure you will hear the stereotypical BS from college professors about how the majority of Republicans are rich heartless oil shareholders but let's take something into account. When you look at Hollywood and New York City do you really see a strong GOP holdout?

It's very ironic that the same liberal dipsticks that will sit and bitch at you evil rich folks and your selfish hardworking ways are also usually loaded at levels that you could only dream of. It's just they usually earn their pay by decreasing yours. It's you "rich" people who go to work, pick your kids up from school or from the bus, drive them to practice, go home take care of the house, go out to the market to buy what you need and then have to find a way to pay the rent or the mortgage, who obviously need to pay for the lifestyles of congressmen, senators, and their families.

After all they need golden toilets, the occasional Lexus here and there, vacation homes that they never live in, expensive exotic vacations, free health care, and a bunch of expensive crap that may or may not get used. After all they can't pay for all of that stuff by themselves. I mean they are important people and we should all respect their high stature.

It never ceased to amaze me how the hardworking in America always get screwed in the end. Those people who never make a big stink about anything, focused on raising and protecting their families and making just enough to get by are by far the most attacked group of people in this country. They work for the American dream and in the end somebody is always there to make sure that they earn their cut off of something they had nothing to do with. It's amazing to live in a country where we reward those who make a living honestly with higher taxes, verbal abuse, and false labels.

My Dad said something to me that I still hold as my driving statement through life. You can only make something shine as bright as you want it to by putting that much effort into shining it yourself. We only get how much we want to get out of something and I think that this is something that fits under that big lost subject of responsibility that isn't taught anymore.

It may be politically incorrect or unfair but guess what? Life isn't fair. We fall down but we get back up. That's life, and I think that it's time that we take all the little princesses and fortunate sons of the world and force them to face that reality. You only get what you earn.


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Carl said...

After the "Do you know who I am?" line, I would have been the smartass who would have replied, "The bitch who's holding up the line with her panties in a wad." Or something like that. I've done it before and more than likely I'll do it again. My B.S. tolerance level gets lower the older I get. And it was never that high to begin with.

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